Design Better.

With Bounce Forms, creating and editing forms is a breeze, with a host of features including:

Visual Form Editor
Clinical Forge
Drag and Drop Capability
Observation Term & Data Symbol Lookup
Full Color Spectrum Available
Chart Note Preview
Format Chart Note Responses to be Bulleted Lists
Apply Custom Themes to Format Forms
◖ - Handled programmatically

Construct Better.

You shouldn't have to be a programmer to create simple or complex clinical content. Bounce Forms simplifies the task of adding robust functionality to your forms.

Visual Form Editor
Clinical Forge
Add functions to any control
Show or hide fields based on conditions
Enable or disable fields based on conditions
Create true conditional layers of controls and sections
Manage and organize choice lists dynamically
MEL creation wizard
Publish directly into Centricity™ Practice Solution
◖ - Handled programmatically

Maintain Better.

Bounce Forms makes it easy to keep track of your work, providing you easy access to all of your forms and form components for future modifications.

Visual Form Editor
Clinical Forge
Create pre-built re-usable form sections
Store functions in personal library
Function version tracking
Form version tracking
Maintain all components of clinical content
◖ - Handled programmatically

Report Better.

Bounce Forms allows you to take a proactive approach by comparing the report data you need to the forms you use.

Visual Form Editor
Clinical Forge
Compare your content to clinical quality measures
Search for content based on clinical quality measures
Monitor associated forms and reports and alert users to negative impacts
◖ - Handled programmatically

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