What is Bounce Forms? Bounce Forms is a form building/editing tool that allows you to create quality clinical content without having to be a programmer.  Check out our videos.

Do you offer a free trial of Bounce Forms? Yes, we have a trial environment that allows you to test all aspects of Bounce Forms. Fill out the form below to request access.

Do you have any clinical content available for download? Yes, we have taken all of the clinical content that we have built over the last decade and have made it available on the customer portal for customers to download for FREE.

Can we share our clinical content? Absolutely, and we hope that you do!  Whether through our own customer portal, or the CHUG Marketplace, we believe in building better together.

Can we convert VFE forms to Bounce Forms? CKT files can easily be opened and modified in Bounce Forms and published directly into Centricity™ Practice Solution or Centricity EMR.

Do you have an HTML option? Development on our HTML platform is well underway. We hope to have it available in early 2018.

Will I have to attend a training class before being able to build clinical content? No. Depending on your comfort level, Bounce Forms can be used almost immediately after reviewing our online training materials and quick start guide. Online training is also available for those that need additional help.


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