Bounce Forms - Form Designer Demo

We believe that building forms should be easier and a technical or programming background shouldn’t be needed to create and manage clinical content.  With Bounce Forms, creating and editing forms is a breeze and there is no need to know MEL!

Bounce Forms - Function Builder Demo

Build your forms to fit your workflow by easily creating functions that automate processes, saving providers time and increasing quality through consistency.  Our innovative function builder guides the form builder through the steps to automate adding clinical list, updating and retrieving data, generating clinical documents, and navigating the EMR.  The function builder will create the MEL necessary for Centricity™ Practice Solution.

Bounce Forms - Reporting Analysis Demo

Validate your technology is working for you prior to deployment with our Reporting Analysis tool.  Use our tool to compare quality measures and other reports against forms, document templates, and encounter types and get feedback on what data inputs are met and where they are lacking. 

The tool will also offer up suggestions on other forms that have the data inputs that match your reporting needs for you to search and select the best clinical content for your organization.  Be worry free by associating reporting outcomes to your clinical content and be notified if a change causes a problem with your data capture needs. 

Bounce Forms - Customer Portal Demo

Take a tour of our Bounce Forms Customer Portal, accessible from a web browser or directly from within the Bounce Forms application, allowing you to download forms, functions, document templates and more from 30 different specialties, directly into Bounce Forms.